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We are a team of experienced, and unique garden designers for London and the South East. We’ll take you through every step of the process, ensuring you are confident in the knowledge that we will create what you’ve envisioned.


We pride ourselves on a high standard of customer service, making sure that every one of our customers feels listened-to, and involved heavily in our process.

We are based in London but work across the UK and further across Europe for briefs of all shapes and sizes. Whatever the project, we merge art and horticulture to design gardens that are truly special. If you’re looking for a garden that is unique to your taste, contact us today and see how we can make your garden ambitions a reality.


Our mission is to create beautiful garden designs using the latest, state-of-the-art CGI technology, in order to give you the most vivid and realistic imagery to let you truly see yourself in your new garden. We are proud to play a role in creating thriving ecosystems that encourage sustainability.


We encourage our clients to opt for eco-conscious rain-management systems, low carbon footprint materials, and wildlife-friendly plants.

All of our projects are bespoke. As part of our passion, we create incredible landscapes, tailored to our client’s individual needs.

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The adventure towards your stunning new garden starts here!

We are a young and ambitious design practice offering a full garden & landscape design service covering all aspects from design, consultancy and project administration to planting design, installation and maintenance advice.

West London Garden scene 7.png

Unparalleled Imagery

Experience your new garden in full maturity at the design stage!

Our garden ideas are created and presented to you by utilising the latest advances in GCI technology and hyper realism techniques so you can see your new garden before a single spade has been used.

No more images as "impressions" of your garden, see the real thing from a leading CGI imagery voice in garden design.

Bespoke Service

No garden is the same and no client has the same desires and dreams for their outdoor haven. We will work closely with you to ensure your private space is tailored to you and reflects the brief accurately.

Whether it is a small courtyard garden, an urban plot, a roof terrace or a country estate, we will collaborate with you and create a stylish design for you to enjoy for years to come.

Japanese Garden-modern  scene 2.png
5 Alpine Croft-Scene 3.png


There are 22 million private gardens in the UK and they can play a vital role on alleviating the effects of climate change and bio diversity loss.

At Epoch Garden Design we pride ourselves for being a eco conscious practice and we implement our philosophy wherever it is possible to do so. Sustainable rain water management, low carbon footprint materials and wildlife friendly plants are all elements we encourage our clients to implement into their garden.

A contemporary sanctuary

Escape modern life's stresses by immersing yourself into your stylish outdoor sanctuary. Let's create a space together where hard landscaping and lush planting work in  harmony with your interior to produce the perfect garden.

Spending more time outdoors has been proven to be highly beneficial to mental and physical well being. We are committed to providing a private, healing and safe environment for you, your family and friends.

Roof Garden-Scene 5 Night.png
Georgian House Scene 5.png

Finishing touches

Take your garden to the next level with the implementation of outdoor lights, bespoke outdoor furniture and unique garden sculptures.

We collaborate with an extensive network  of craftsmen and women from across the UK and beyond and we can provide or create that extra level of personality and uniqueness in your garden.

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