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The Design Process

Garden Design

The Initial Consultation

The design process begins with a free 15 minute phone consultation.

We then arrange a site visit where we meet the clients and listen carefully to their dreams & desires for their space and find out about the characteristics of the site. We document the site with a DSLR camera and discuss how we can unlock the capabilities of the garden.


A initial conversation about budget and timelines takes place. The meeting ends with a showcase of our work and we take any questions that might arise.

There is a small fee for the site visit which is then offset from the design fee.

The Brief & Quotation

After the site visit we compose a written brief and provide the client with a bound document with detailed information about the project and the costs involved.

Site Survey

A detailed site survey by a professional surveyor takes place where all utilities, services, buildings, level changes and existing trees are recorded and form the foundations of the design. The cost for the survey is not covered by the design fee. We are more than happy to arrange this for the client.


Site Analysis

We produce a comprehensive site analysis, identifying all the characteristics, issues and solutions for the site.

This document is created in order to aid the design proposition and ensures the design is tailored to the site.

The Design Proposition

Our design proposals are produced and presented to the customer who receives the documentation in both physical and digital form.

This package contains an extensive and detailed selection of 3d perspective sketches, a top plan, a birds eye view of the garden and last but not least the life like, hyper realistic CGI images that transport the clients to their new garden in full maturity.

This is also the point of our discussion with the client that allows the design to be adjusted and tailored to their exact needs and desires.

This is where stage 1 of the project is fulfilled and when the first payment is charged. This stage represents 25% of the overall design fee.

5 Alpine Croft-Sketchy Scene 4
Garden Design Project
Alpine Croft Sketchy Design
Design Proposition
Garden Design Process
Design Process
Bespoke Garden Design
Garden Renovation

Construction Documentation & Specification

This is the most important stage of the process. It is when we produce a detailed masterplan and document any changes or revisions that may arise from stage one.

The construction documents and legally bound specifications follow next where we specify in detail everything from a section to a retaining wall and how it must be built, to drainage, irrigation and dimensions.

We specify what materials are going to be used down to the smallest detail of what nail or screw must be used.

This stage is designed to safeguard the quality of the build and protect the client from contractor malpractices. This is the stage when the project can be costed accurately and it represents 40% of our overall design fee.

HLP-Exercise 8-Pergola and Brick Pier Pl
Project 3-Stathis-dimms ovwerview test10
Project 3-Construction detail Section o-
Project 3-Construction detail Section m-
Project 3-Construction detail Section i-
HLP-Exercise 4-Raised Pond Section-Stath
HLP-Exercise 2-Wall & Path Section-Stath
HLP-Exercise 1-Retaining Wall Section-St
Workers in Building Site

Competitive Tender

Going out to competitive tender is a very important part of the design process and it allows for the client to choose with our guidance the best contractor for the job ahead.

We usually send out specifications and construction documentation to three reputable contractors. The tendering documents are legally bound and are produced for your protection.

This stage represents 10% of the overall design fee.

Planting Plans & Installation

The final stage of the project is also the one that makes your garden come to life!

This is when we produced detailed planting plans and specifications and are personally involved  with the installation in order to ensure the longevity of the planting scheme.

We also provide a maintenance plan to be used by either the client or a garden maintenance professional.

The final stage of the overall design fee is fulfilled and it represents the remaining 25 %.

Garden Design Process
Planting Plans & Installation
Planting Plans & Installation
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