A Haven Up Above in Berlin

The roof of this 4 storey building in Berlin was just a thick concrete slab with an access via a small spiral staircase.

There was not even a fence, everything needed to be brought in through the small access staircase so we used a crane to bring everything up.

The brief stated that privacy and security were paramount and the clients wanted to enjoy the terrace all year around and in all weather conditions.

The area around the access staircase became the indoor space with floor to ceiling glass doors that open up to the rest of the terrace. The roof was fitted with a skyline in order to take advantage of natural light.

The floor and fence is comprised of hard wearing composite materials and the plant beds were built with contemporary black brick. The advantage of having a solid roof slab allowed us to use enough soil to create a decent growing environment for a generous planting scheme. Beautiful modern furniture  and wall art complete this simple yet effective composition.

Roof Top.png