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Contemporary formality in Hampshire

The owner of this beautiful Georgian home in the heart of Hampshire wanted to marry traditional formality with sleek contemporary design.

The garden was designed to entertain large groups of family and friends and easy access to the back garden bypassing the house was very important. A sense of arrival was also on the brief together with the need of a bespoke garden structure at the end of the plot. Sculpture needed to be big and bold. Formality and a sense of arrival was achieved at the front with an array of box topiary and lavender. A row of ornamental trees was placed on either side and foundation planting finished the look with evergreen grasses and seasonal bulbs.

The formality continues at the back with a big pergola structure and a substantial pond separates  the patio near the house with the lawn area which is accessible via 2 floating steps.

The trees at the back give a sense of height and hug the pergola. The paths on either side provide easy access to the whole garden. Our suggestion and consequent 3d design for garden sculptures is an ongoing process and we are in talks with various stone masons to achieve the desired result . The planting scheme is mostly evergreen, drought tolerant and low maintenance.

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