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A Japanese zen garden in Hertfordshire

The starting point for this project was a muddy field at the edge of a wood and two massive, rusty shipping containers.

The client wanted a secluded private haven where he can practice his meditation.

Heavily influenced by his regular visits to Japan, he wanted a modern interpretation  of the Konchi in zen garden in Kyoto.

We started this project by designing a spacious 2 bedroom home using the shipping containers and placed it in the middle of the plot and built a meditation hut surrounded by a wildlife pond. The timber paths are elevated from the gravel floor and give a sense of direction around the garden. The boulders and shrubs are strategically placed  and hug the house and hut. Mature and semi mature trees are planted on the perimeter and achieve privacy and seclusion. Subtle hints of seasonal colour in the form of flowering shrubs and autumnal leaf colour complete the composition.

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