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Suburban sculpture garden in Merton

A large part of this garden was used to build a massive kitchen/dining/living room extension and the client wanted to use the rest of the space to create a low maintenance, bee friendly garden with bold sculptural statements.

The brief also stated a need for a seamless indoor outdoor transition, a space to chill at the back end of the garden and a simple pond.

We used terrazzo tiles for the patios and composite decking for the paths, both created from recycled materials.

The element of shelter from the midday summer sun was solved with a pergola structure adjacent to the new extension with the horizontal slats angled at 45 degrees.

The cort-en steel sculpture installation together with the field of lavender compliment each other and create the bold sculptural statement the client wanted. A stone mason is to be commissioned to work on our sculpture model displayed in the lawn.

The planting scheme is simple and low maintenance.

West London.png
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